About Us


There are different approaches to singing and to teaching singing. Some teachers feel that singing is simply a "fun" activity. They allow students to sing whatever they want, without ensuring accuracy of pitch, rhythm or style. They also try to correct vocal problems without resolving underlying deficiencies in the basic technique. This is a somewhat cosmetic approach and ultimately does not serve the student’s best interest.

I believe that a voice, like a house, must be built on a solid foundation, and that challenging a student - whether child, teen or adult - can also be fun. All my students are required to learn proper "classical" technique and sing classical songs. Yes, even my Pop singers have to learn Mozart, and sing in Italian!

Anyone who has seen "So You Think You Can Dance" will appreciate the importance of learning either Ballet or Ballroom dance as the foundation for proper technique, strength, and injury prevention - even if your specialty is Hip Hop or Break dance. The same is true for voice. Classical technique gives a singer the tools to expand the range, capabilities, and sheer beauty of their voice.   

I encourage all students to take vocal exams from the Royal Conservatory of Music. It gives students a precise goal, and also tells potential audition committees (i.e. for choirs, schools, Broadway musicals, etc.) that the student is serious. Whether a student aspires to be a soloist, a chorister, or just be more comfortable in the privacy of their own home, I can help them reach their goals.

Love of Singing

I became a professional singer because I love to sing. Music has always been my first and greatest passion. I believe everyone is entitled to experience the joy of singing - not just those with exceptional voices - everyone.

I have successfully worked with people who were considered “tone deaf"; adults with developmental challenges and precocious children; absolute beginners and professionals wanting help with forthcoming recordings or shows. Each and every student is special to me. My goal is to enhance and optimize not only their voice but their total experience of music, and provide them with a relaxed, nurturing environment in which to blossom.

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